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The treasures for the Simac Treasure Hunt in the Netherlands, Belgium and France were hidden earlier. From now on it is also possible to search in the Czech Republic! Treasures are hidden on two locations. You can find the information below.

Location Treasure site 9

Treasure site 9

Czech republic

Parking: Jevany

GPS-code: 49 58 28.0, 14 46 57.0

The Voděrad Beechwoods are a large forest complex on the right bank of the Jevanský Brook. The forest consists mainly of beech trees, supplemented by summer oak, hornbeam, and occasionally aspen, linden and white birch. A number of rare bird species nest in the forest, such as the black woodpecker, wood pigeon and wood hawk. The village of Jevany is located on the edge of the Voděradské bučiny National Nature Reserve. After the First World War, Jevany became a popular resort on the banks of a system of ponds. The recreational ponds on the Jevany stream are a good spot for water sports. There are also many villas of famous people.

Location Treasure site 10

Treasure site 10

Czech republic

P: Adamov

GPS-code: 49 17 53.0, 16 40 22.0

The National Nature Reserve Býčí skála is a protected area in the Moravian Karst Protected Landscape Area, situated between the town of Adamov and the village of Křtiny. The main object of protection are species-rich natural communities of oak, beech-oak, oak-beech and beech vegetation stages. The beginning of the settlement of the Adamov region dates back to the Young Palaeolithic period (17-11 thousand years BC), when mammoth hunters came to the area. They settled in caves, including, for example, the Bull Rock, which is located about 5 km east of Adamov in the Křtiny valley.

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