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Every Simac employee has received an envelope containing the Treasure Hunt treasure map. This map leads to various treasures hidden in the vicinity of Simac branches.

The idea is simple, with every treasure you manage to trace you earn a lottery ticket in our Simac 50 lottery. The more treasures you trace, the more lottery tickets you earn and the more chance you have of winning a nice prize. The treasures are spread across the countries in which Simac has branches. How does it work? Follow the instructions on the treasure map. Grab your Simac backpack and go on your way. Happy hunting!

Upload your picture

With every treasure you find you earn a lot in the Simac 50 lottery. Take a picture of yourself and the code on the treasure you found. Then upload this photo at the bottom of this page. That is how you activate your lottery ticket. The lottery takes place on Wednesday 1 December.


Martina Treglerová

6 days ago

Treasure n.2

Martina Treglerová

7 days ago

Family team:_)

Baptiste Oger

1 month ago

Petite promenade dans la région de Bastogne en famille. Nous en avons profité pour partir à la recherche du trésor ! C’est fait :-)

Michael Bořuta

2 months ago

Found on a lovely autumn family trip. Thanks for the cache! TFTC

Katleen Huysegoms

2 months ago

Tijdens een avondtochtje met de fiets deze schat gevonden zo´n 12 km van bij ons thuis.

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