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We use fifty anecdotes to look back on fifty years of Simac. The first five anecdotes are already on this website. We will add new ones during the year. We cordially invite you to respond to the messages. This can easily be done via the response form.

From a safety point of view, a check is built in. If you use your business email account, your response will be published automatically. Responses from "strange" email addresses are first sent to the editors.

Many more stories

Of course there are many stories to tell. A lot has happened in fifty years. We have tried to find very typical Simac moments. Moments that tell something special about our beautiful company. Do you know such a special Simac story? Then share it with us! Perhaps we can also give your anecdote a place on this website. Your story may cover all fifty years of existence. So from a long time ago or perhaps very recently. And of course we like to hear stories from all branches and all countries.

Send us a message and we will contact you to hear your anecdote and perhaps give it a place on this anniversary website.

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