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Would you like to know more about the production of the anniversary video? We have listed a number of fun facts.

In the anniversary video we travel in time. The film starts in the 1970s. These recordings were made in the house of founder Mac van Schagen. Since the death of his wife Letty a few months ago, this house has been empty. Mac himself passed away in 2010. By shuffling some furniture around, we were able to build a good seventies set.

The real eye-catcher in the video is of course the DeLorean, well known from the Back to the future films. This DeLorean is a very carefully recreated version. The Belgian Steve Entwistle has worked on it for four years. All details are correct and everything in and on the car also works. Only real time travel cannot be done with it ...

The recordings at and in the Simac office were made on a Saturday, when it was really empty in the building. The timing was right because a day later the snow storm started that turned the whole of the Netherlands into a white landscape. And the DeLorean didn't have winter tires.

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